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RTS has some massive titles such as Halo wars 2 to tiny ones comparable to Empire work. However, the solitary player real-time strategy has great qualities for gamers who like a mental challenge. The finest recognized game studios are Relic, Blizzard and Westwood which have inspired the world in building and storytelling thus impacted the quality of the movements. However, let’s check out the following shortlist of the best RTS campaign games for 2019:

Battle Realms


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This scuffle realms is the work of liquefied entertainment which justifies it’s place in this category. The game has introduced quite a number of fun universal rotations where gamers  can level up farmworkers to any contest unit through spending the other resource to replenish another one. This movement is not exceedingly sophisticated since all cut scenes are focused on competitions which look attractively old-fashioned in these latest days. Fight Realms does a good-looking occupation through handling choices over the territory and scenario one can take. However, the charming skirmishes incline to deliver bonuses in the future missions thus adding a note of persistence across the missions.

Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault


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This company of heroes game tells a great story of the combat of the Knob through the eyes of four leaders. However, each of these stories has their own personality and backstory which are reflected upon the forces of the three playable leader. Despite the fact that the militaries are interesting to the astonishing complexity and unbending struggle, the Ardennes Mugging Meta layer chart sets this apart. The finest thing I like in RTS is that they do not try to match the administrative layer of total war competitions instead they mainly let the battles take the front and center rear. However, assault uses reinforcements to create various consequences and rewards.

Emperor: Battle for Dune


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Battle of dune is a great story presentation with memorable characters. Also, it has great replay ability and system depth. However, West wood adapted the command and conquer formula and addressed it in this movie. The company offers various risk style territory map where one needs to battle on two Al houses for control of the plant Arrakis. Emperor is recognized as the best examples of enjoyable companies in real time strategy gaming.

Dawn War: Dark Crusade


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Dark crusade sport is amazing since it introduces the most interesting and fun section in all of RTS gaming namely Necrons and Tau. This tournament stands out among the other games for various reasons where it offer territories which give one an access to unique customizations that can change one’s approach. The customizations can easily be acquired once one as the locations for each fraction. However, the operation conserves a base after one has won a province so that one can enjoy the luxury.



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Relic’s home world stands out as the most compelling real time strategy sport activities in this world. However, it is very rare for a real time strategy tournament to create a universe of such balance and reminiscence. I prefer to view battles that give various selections to be higher to rectilinear ones, moderately because I value the replay ability in single player. Also, it is great since the elections can deliver authoritative spirits of activity to the players. This athletic campaign is an exception since the forces carry over mission to mission thus create consequences and captures the tone of a convoy clutching to survive.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak


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This game is great since the topography reassures a lot of play over various features corresponding to the ridges of dunes. Also, it has an attired direct campaign that advances the right elements from the original home world competitions. The campaign settings are always set from mission to mission where they are placed to allow one to finish a specific tough battle. Additionally, this sport is more atmospheric where they were several times when the desert around my little taskforce of automobiles caressed enormous in a certain way. Furthermore, the tone is sometimes interrupted by vehicles doing weird dances trying to traverse bumpy areas. However, blackbird did a great job of giving the world an intelligence of scale. The area of Kharak has a high quality in storytelling which makes it to be the best RTS campaigns released in this modern era.

Red Alert 2


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Red Alert 2 assaults the seamless tone in unit design and cut scenes. Also, it features distinct stories for both the Allies and Soviets for money. Both of the stories are great but Soviet operation is more interesting since it has pleasurable inclusive. However, West wood does a great job of giving one an intellect of place thus making cities to look awesome.

Star Craft 2: Wings of liberty


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Star craft 2 is more enjoyable since the iconic sports are always right. Every assignment has a twist where in one mission one needs to visit the corpse of the over mind while the other one needs to have to flee from a huge wall of fire. In this athletic we have various bits of persistence of one’s adoptions which can tend to interfere with your ability to complete the game.

World in Conflict


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This sport has unique presentation, mission design, choice and flexibility on ways to proceed with the game activity. Also, it highly involves the player through making him to feel as a huge part in the world in conflict. However, in this crusade the full role is on an individual on ways to assistance the Al-controlled team through trying to complete the objectives in coordination with the huge war effort. This game is most identified since there is no real base building or economic development where the main emphasis is supervisory the ground and use the units successfully.

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