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In this Meridian New World Review, potential players can dive into the game and learn what it has to offer – before they invest in it themselves.

When purchased, you will play as Daniel Hanson, who is the commander of the first expedition going to Meridian. It’s up to you to discover all the secrets this new world has to offer.

One of the most appealing features of this game is the ability you have to shape this new world based on your decisions and conversations with your crew. You have the opportunity to devise your own, unique strategy, including offering several equipment options and special abilities for your units.

The abilities you choose for your character are able to be used at any time and in any place on the battlefield, and easily turn the tables in battle by effectively weakening enemy troops. You can also opt to take a more covert approach, sabotaging the enemy’s power supply, which shuts down their production.

One of the best features of this game is that you are in control and ultimately decide what happens next. Another example of this would be if you want to build a large economy with a huge army or rely only on special abilities and better weapons. The strategy you choose in this game is going to determine if you reach your goal, and the attitude your crew has toward you as a commander.

The Background of Meridian New World

Meridian New World is a creation from Ede Tarsoly, who is the only man behind Elder Games. There are many reviews that have stated there’s no way that this game was created by a single person. However, Ede is the creator of the details of the game, but there were some assets that were actually made by some of his friends, who do receive credit for the contributions they have made.

Highlights of Meridian New World

Some of the highlights to keep in mind when considering if you will purchase this game include:

  • It offers a unique mix of role-playing elements and real time strategy, all that have been set in a pretty spectacular sci-fi, 3D setting
  • The dialogue is actually meaningful and used to shape the game world and the story you experience.
  • You can create your own strategy to defeat enemies.
  • The attention to detail in the gam is astounding.

Is it Worth the Investment?

The good news is, this game is pretty affordable – ranging about $7 to $10 for PC and Mac users (Get it here on Steam). So even if you aren’t thrilled with it, you aren’t losing much.

However, due to the amazing graphics, and the ability for you to essentially choose what happens, this game is one that’s worth checking out. If you have a free afternoon, consider getting into it, you may find that it’s more fun than you thought it would be.

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